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Reviews of Yesterday's News:

Blizzard kicked off the "Rise to Power" machinima contest in December 2009, and to be perfectly honest, I wasn't that enthused. I'd won my fair share of contests, and I didn't have any immediate plans to make a 3-minute short. This all changed the day after Christmas, when--having received a sustain pedal for my digital piano--I improvised a little tune that I really liked. I wanted to do something with it, and there was the contest. So I asked my friend Kirlune.

We formulated a few different ideas to fit the whimsical yet lonely tone of the music, and as WoW approaches its third expansion, we figured it might be a good time to say goodbye to some of the older facets of the game. When I envisioned a montage of abandoned meeting stones, the image stuck.

The ensuing storyline proved incredibly easy to film, allowing me to procrastinate and eventually produce the film in about a week. There were relatively few effects shots to compose (compared to, say, Warrior's Dream). The final piece didn't place, to the dismay of some commentators, but I am perfectly happy that other budding machinimators received the spotlight ... and I really don't need another computer.