Warrior's Dream

You can find Warrior's Dream at these alternative locations:
  • YouTube - RECOMMENDED - HD and low-quality stream
  • Vimeo - HD stream and download
  • WarcraftMovies - High quality stream and download

Reviews of Warrior's Dream:

Our whole team became excited at the prospect of a large project to send to Blizzcon 2009, and so the script was written, the voice actors prepped, the puppeteer characters geared and levelled ..... and then came the news: The limit on submissions for 2009 was three minutes. Surely the project wouldn't possibly fit in that limit. What could? What oh what were we to do?

So I came up with the idea for Warrior's Dream, and a music sequence with no dialogue (a la Edge of Remorse) was something I'd been wanting to do for a while. Luckily, we were gifted with an abundance of tauren warriors and druids since the PTR (Broxigar) was up and available. This allowed us to film the new druid art before it was on the live realms.

This version of the film has been extended by a full minute, for pacing and a few extra ideas I had, and also includes a "fancy-pants" (as Kirlune likes to call it) credits sequence. I thought the Cake song was relevant. Maybe I should have just gone all-out and made a second music video tacked onto the end, with even more dancing tauren women. We could call it "Druid's Dream."