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We made a little film called Redshift: Pursuit. It has now been annotated with all kinds of behind-the-scenes director's notes, and you can watch it here on YouTube.

Amazingly, something else happened about a year ago, when I teamed up with Ms. Jun Falkenstein and Ben Covi to create a machinima film in 48 hours or less. Wow, I don't think I've ever fit so many hyperlinks in a single sentence. Anyway! They did it again this year, and again, this year, I was obliged to help out! Sadly, we didn't quite make the deadline, but the end result was marvelously campy and fun. Watch for yourself!

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"Redshift: Interlude" annotated


My my my, the months go by! The good news is that I haven't had a cause to update much because I have been happily employed. The bad news is I haven't updated much. This shall change, and soon! We have something coming right around the corner, if I may tease thusly.

In the meantime, Redshift: Interlude has been uploaded to YouTube, complete with behind-the-scenes annotations, and available in HD streaming. Check it out!

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"Redshift: Ty'zamar and Aislynn" annotated


Based on some of the feedback I got, some people were unaware that our recent "Redshift: Pursuit" was NOT the first in the series. I decided we had to rerelease the first episode, and have done so on YouTube:

And what YouTube release would be complete without annotations! You'll find all sorts of inane trivia, etc, to marvel over. Of course, if you haven't seen it yet, you might want to just disable the notes and enjoy the show.

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"Things You Need": 48-hour machinima


Jun Falkenstein (of Stone Falcon Productions) and Ben Covi (of Oblivious Films) recently teamed up to take part in the 48-Hour Film Project's Machinima segment, where you naturally are tasked with creating a short machinima film in its entirety within 48 hours. I was happy to be a part of it by orchestrating music for the piece, since the genre that the team pulled was musical.

Creating any sort of film in 48 hours is not easy. Jun and Ben's work, I think, ended up campy and hilariously insane as a result. I certainly think my music arrangements could have been much better, but part of the fun is the mad rush to produce something--anything--that will work. I'll definitely consider participating in a more major way next time the contest rolls around.

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"Frame of Mind" annotated


I saw the new annotation feature on YouTube and simply couldn't resist. I've updated our music video "Frame of Mind" with a good speckling of production trivia and inane comments. And who wouldn't want to read those!

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