Yesterday's News sheet music


Don't look, but it's true. I haven't posted anything here in over a year. (I did grow up and get a "real" job, granted, but I don't have THAT much of a life.) Anyway, I have something for you!

I was pleasantly surprised by a request from someone who wanted to learn to play the piano music from Yesterday's News. It took some major cleaning up of the original file (which was recorded into the computer without a metronome, eh heh), but I managed to at least produce something usable for my fellow musician:

Download sheet music for Yesterday's News

(And don't yell at me too much if some of the notation is weird--some of those are probably supposed to be B-sharps, technically. Not my fault I never had any formal musical training!)

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World Premiere of "Yesterday's News"


I tweeted the winners of Blizzard's recent "Rise to Power" contest about a week ago. Congratulations again, guys! I was sincerely enthused to see new names receive recognition from Blizzard and the machinima community.

Now, I'm proud to finally announce the release of the <slashdance> entry.

Watch Yesterday's News on YouTube.

Maybe I didn't win because I didn't read the instructions carefully enough. I guess the assignment was to make a move about a rise to power. This one's more of a quirky rise to ... um. Enlightenment? Tranquility? ... early retirement?

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