<slashdance> machinima at DragonCon!


In case any readers are attending DragonCon in Atlanta this weekend, be sure to check out the machinima presentations which will include the award-winning Warrior's Dream. Head on over to the Savannah Room at 8:30 on Friday!

Special thanks to Romily (who happens to be the voice of "Nimshe" in Redshift!) for organizing and making me aware of the festival!

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"Warrior's Dream" officially released!


It's done, it's done!

Watch Warrior's Dream on YouTube.

Not only are there shiny new segments and inserts to fill out the extended and polished soundtrack, there's an unbelievably fancy pants credits sequence complete with outtakes.

(Yes, Mazzranache did indeed dare to crash our film set. Stupid bird. And the reason for choreographed mass dancing female tauren sequence is due to the fact that we filmed on the 3.2 patch PTR... aka new druid forms patch. The tauren druid premade was female... and we rolled a lot of them. >_> )

I'm extremely pleased by Sedrin's additions and polish here. (so much so that I'm posting this all for him, omg see? >_< ) The three minute time limit on BlizzCon submissions was incredibly frustrating... even with this relatively simple story, it was a struggle to squish it all into the required time frame. The pacing on the extended version is much better... you are eased into the story, rather than thrown in on your ass. ;x Even something as simple as extending the final three chords of the instrumental by a couple of seconds goes a long way in completing the experience.

We had no intentions of posting the BlizzCon cut anywhere, since the extended version would have all the vitals of the original entry and then some. So you can imagine my surprise as I just went to check the BlizzCon contests page and noticed that Blizzard had actually gotten around to uploading torrents for each of the winning machinima films!

This led me to search "Warrior's Dream" on YouTube. Well, dammit. ;x

So there are a few stray copies on YouTube, which we're not going to do anything about. Hopefully the extended version will make the rounds and become more prominent.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Post-Blizzcon 2009


Thanks for the eloquent update there, Kirlune. Really, I just got tired of seeing my old Sedrin Head dominate the log ad infinitum. But I digress. Blizzcon!

Our three-minute fantasy music video won 3rd place! It was so heart-pumping to hear my musical score piped through the massive convention hall. There were two other "music video"-style winners as well, and the grand prize went to the young machinimator X-Cross; I was very excited to see him in the spotlight (see previous post's comments). Without further ado, here are the winners!

A Day in the Life by X-Cross Pictures

Don't Make Me Get My Main by Legs and Cranius

Cruel, Cruel Moon by Mike 'Spiff' Booth

Warrior's Dream by <slashdance>

And because there weren't any categories this year, the runners-up unjustly received no recognition from Blizz. I'll try to expand the following list as I discover who else had quality entries.

Now, regarding Warrior's Dream: Much like I did with Redshift: Pursuit, my entry for this year will be getting some additional work and polish before I release it. Right now, it plays like an action movie trailer. The final version should end up being quite a bit longer than three minutes. Watch my Twitter feed for updates on that process, and you'll find the final product here, and on all the usual distribution channels.

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Since Sedrin refuses to post without thinking beforehand, I must do it for him.

OMGOMGOMG Warrior's Dream placed OMGOMGOMG we got to watch it on the big screen OMGOMGOMG

... okay, I'm done. >_>

(and now you know why I shouldn't be permitted to post. ever.)

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