About Us

<slashdance> began as a small social guild on the Eredar-US server. It still is that, but we've grown our presence in the machinima community and welcomed talent from all across the country.
If you have talent and/or resources that you'd like to add to our team, it doesn't take much to be a part of the growing list below! Contact Sam for more info.

Sam Pierce / "Sedrin"

Director, Editor, Composer, Ty'zamar, Bridion, Player 2

Ever the storyteller, Sam was first lured to the medium of machinima during the 2006 Xfire movie contest. Seeing that his products weren't total crap was a big motivator to continue producing films. His long-time hobby of role-playing gave the fundamental premise for many of <slashdance>'s movies, and his experience in acting and music composition was naturally put to use.

While he's probably the most active (or should that be "blameworthy"?) contributor to the <slashdance> portfolio, Sam encourages collaboration not just within the team, but between all members of the machinima community. If you have ideas for collaboration, or would like to add your talent to the <slashdance> team, feel free to contact him:

Email/GTalk: player2@gmail.com
On Skype: milesandmilesandmiles

Cynthia Nie / "Kirlune"

Puppeteer, Story Editor, Aislynn

We don't talk about Cynthia because she's shy and only helped out because no one else was available. Now she's stuck with it.



Patrick A. Karjala / "Noktwar"

Story Editor, Sethamter

With his debut in Redshift: Pursuit, Patrick steps onto the machinima stage (and hopes you won't throw tomatoes; he's allergic). He has a swath of theatrical experience under his belt, and is excited to expand his work into the digital realm. Please feel free to contact him for voice acting work.

And no, he won't tank your PUG. Unless you're offering cookies.

Email: pkarjala@gmail.com

Sander Scherman Garzon

Puppeteer, Player 1

Sander joined his brother, Sam, for much of the manual labor behind setting up shoots in-game. Also an avid fan of Joust, his melodramatic eccentricity fit perfectly for the part of delusional Player 1 in Joust Venture.

He also likes crepes.