Raiders Roll out (on the internets)


So! Blizzcon! Last weekend! That ... happened. It went by so fast I was thrown into this week on my ass and haven't had a chance to catch my breath.

There was some epic Starcraft viewing at the RTS tourney stage, which actually was the major draw for at least half of our group. SlayerSBoxer vs. Fruitdealer (or as I preferred it: "Boxerdealer vs. Fruitslayer") was an enthralling exhibition match, so watching Loner get bludgeoned to death the next day in the tourney proper was just a little painful. Wanna see something more painful?

It's my video contest entry! But before I get ahead of myself, a shout out to the winners of the contest for their skilled work. I coulda been a contendah! So here's the sequence of events that occurred when I thought I'd once again entered the contest this year.

  1. Buy Starcraft II.
  2. Create clever machinima using map editor of said game.
  3. Open map editor only to be horrified by labyrinthine cinematic scripts and zero documentation or support.
  4. Procrastinate 1-2 weeks.
  5. Decide to do something completely different.
  6. Procrastinate 6-7 more days.
  7. Throw last-minute music video together.
  8. Attend Blizzcon knowing under no uncertain terms that you didn't win anything and don't have to feel the pressure of the contest segment.

I'm being honest; the con was a walk in the park this year. I think I'm done with having anything to prove. And this is good, because I made that entry public where everyone can find it, and I can't make enough of a disclaimer about the lackluster, rushed, ill-conceived nature of the aberration. But go see it anyway.

Watch Raiders Roll on YouTube.

Sedrin on October 28, 2010 7:41 PM
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