9 Days Until Blizzcon


Hello? Are you there? Where is everybody?

Oh, I know. You're all playing a certain game that just received a major update. It's exciting to realize that some of the Cataclysmic changes I've been discussing are already upon us! (I was just on Sedrin doing nothing but playing with the new water for about 15 minutes.)

Let me digress for one moment to present you with today's wallpaper image, starring none other than my brother and stalwart production stagehand Hynth. I totally remember this happening during one of the opening shots of <slashdance> vs. Ulduar...

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As I was saying, the big 4.0.1 patch has already introduced some of the changes that may affect how the WoW machinima scene develops. It's ironic that the next item on our top ten list is....

#9: The return of patch days

We're about to get pummeled right and left with new stuff in Cataclysm. This means big patches like the one that just hit, and even larger content deliveries that guarantee the little background downloader won't get too bored, sitting alone and unused in his tiny corner of the WoW installation folder (I'm really happy for him, you see). And again, as we just experienced, this means large amounts of server downtime.

Even with the new launcher, and its capability of letting you play before the download finishes, you don't need to go far back to remember the last time you heard the phrase "extended maintainence." Uh ... well, I guess ... again, that was just yesterday. ::cough::

My point here is that when things go wrong with the servers (and oh they will go wrong), a large chunk of an eager player base is left with nothing to do. This is prime time for WoW machinima! I'm not necessarily advocating that machinimators should time their releases to coincide with a patch day, but I hypothesize that a bump in relevant Internet traffic could have noticeable effects on one's view count. Guilds could even continue their all-important bonding time when they get home Tuesday afternoon only to find their server still down: just head over to your favorite machinima site and have a viewing party! Or perhaps we machinimators could petition Blizzard to display streaming video in the launcher while servers are down! Or--I know!--we should just hijack the servers to fail more often so people have no choice but to come and watch our movies! Yes! Yeeesssss!

... ::ahem:: Or perhaps I should stick with "patch days are a modest opportunity for machinima distribution." Indeed, we've got eight more days to go, with far more important changes, but.... What can I say? I'm a dreamer.

Sedrin on October 13, 2010 1:00 AM
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