7 Days Until Blizzcon


You read it right! Just one week before everyone down in Anaheim will flood into the convention center, and much geekery will be had.

There's a whole epic behind today's wallpaper, but I think it's more fun if you just try to figure it out from the picture. It features the one and only guildmaster of <slashdance> himself: Phine.

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Follow the cut for item number seven on our top ten list!

#7: A preponderance of lore

This effect may be limited to those machinimators whose minds liken to mine. There is a lot of good WoW machinima that does not rely on the background of Azeroth to be produced (a particular producer comes to mind), but could have been made in any engine and still retained its basic idea. That isn't me. I am a huge lore geek, and as you can tell by watching many of my films, I'm essentially a purveyor of audiovisual fan fiction.

The world of Cataclysm promises to provide an abundant effluence of source material. Blizzard has learned something about their narrative from each expansion. In Burning Crusade, it was that Illidan was too far removed from the main player base. This led to the storytelling revolution in Wrath, where you couldn't quest for two minutes without running into Arthas. The developers seem to have made it a focus in Cataclysm, and remember that this effect runs not just through the new content, but from levels 1 to 60 as well. Major NPCs run amok in the new world, playing active parts alongside the player. Azeroth Prime will soon be crawling with new stories, and thus new inspirations for potential machinima films that find their base in lore.

Might this also translate into inspiration for the viewing audience to seek out more WoW-based material from third parties? There may actually be a double-edged sword here. I didn't promise all these impacts would be positive for the machinima community, and I'll be returning to this question as we get to the next few items on the list. Stay tuned!

Sedrin on October 14, 2010 8:05 PM
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