6 Days Until Blizzcon


I slept in today. It was glorious. Though it's also a little sobering to realize that sleeping in isn't something I get to do very often any more. So sorry; that's why the post is up late. I'm sure you were all waiting with bated breath.

My buddy Oobercuddles has a great love for the game, especially PvP. He probably has the largest number of 80s across the largest number of servers, but happily, he always returns to the elly shaman he has in <slashdance>. Don't let the name fool you. He will Lava Burst your unsuspecting ass up and down the battleground.

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The top ten impacts on machinima come Cataclysm continues today with...

#6: The Old World forever gone

WoW has always been a constantly shifting, evolving creature, and that it should have an impact on in-game footage is nothing particularly new. There is one shot in particular during the opening of Redshift: Pursuit where Nimshe travels from Darnassus to Hillsbrad via a human boat that docks at the base of Teldrassil. In the very next content patch, that human boat became a night elf boat, and the shot I took would have been nearly impossible (only nearly--nothing is truly out of reach with After Effects! :D).

Situations like these are obviously going to be rampant in Cataclysm. Want to shoot a little film at, say, Southshore? Or Auberdine? Or Camp Taurajo? Or the park in Stormwind? Sorry, they've all been completely wiped out. Want to get your Alliance film crew safely into Orgrimmar? Easy, just make sure everyone's tuned into the Wrathgate event, and the whole city will be phase--oh darn. That event is going to be gone in Cataclysm. Need I go on?

The good news is that most of these changes become an opportunity. (Setting your story in a massively ruined town is more dramatic anyway!) The in-game environment will be more varied just about everywhere you go, and there will be no lack of new, different set pieces and scenery for a machinimator to take advantage of.

Sedrin on October 16, 2010 10:35 AM
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