5 Days Until Blizzcon


If it weren't for the support, both motivational and technical, of Kirlune, there probably wouldn't be as much machinima on this site as you see now. I hope she reads this and gets really, really embarrassed. She deserves it. Oh, and she loves cats. So there you go.

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I can't believe we're already halfway done with this countdown. Let me review, for your convenience, the topics covered thus far, in our top 10 impacts to the world of WoW machinima in Cataclysm:

#10: Improvements to the game engine
#9: The return of patch days
#8: Increasing system requirements
#7: A preponderance of lore
#6: The Old World forever gone

And today, number five...

#5: More in-game machinima

I won't spoil it for you, as I haven't spoiled it for myself. But do you remember those awesome custcenes that were a part of the Wrath experience? There are more coming for Cataclysm, and you can bet they'll continue to raise the bar for the quality of WoW machinima. It can be a little overwhelming for a new director, looking at these and wondering how on earth they'd ever be able to make something as good. I prefer to take inspiration instead, and then let my work stand on its own once it's done.

A few days ago, I wrote that Blizzard is bringing lore to the forefront of playing the game, and seeing proprietary machinima goes hand-in-hand with that goal. It's possible (nay, likely!) that this will motivate a larger population to become interested--both in creating and consuming--machinima as entertainment. But there is also the possibility that, having been whetted with the quality of storytelling in the game, some players would rather just stay there.

Will Blizzard's in-house productions overshadow the efforts of fledgling machinimators, or will it be a boon to activity in the community? Only time will tell.

Sedrin on October 17, 2010 11:57 AM
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