3 Days Until Blizzcon


You know those teammates who stay long after soccer practice to help pick up the equipment? That's who Seraea reminds me of: the sort of reliable pillar of support you can count on. It always gives you hope to fight (or heal) alongside a dedicated and intelligent DPSer who tirelessly plays for the progress of the guild.

In fact, just look! She's so awesome she can fire off Pyroblasts while invisible. Those hax be mad.

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We're getting right down to it, now, with only three more days to go. You better believe the top three impacts deserve their spot in the list! Unfortunately, this also means they're all pretty obvious and self-evident.

But I bet you'll never guess what lies beyond the cut! (Dun dun dunnnn!)

#3: The resurgent player base

Bigger WoW audience = bigger WoW machinima audience. I told you it was obvious.

There is a particular reason, however, why this is "only" number three. You would think that reviving the WoW machinima community--its supporters, its directors, its level of activity--couldn't be anything but the most important thing to happen for WoW machinima itself. Not quite, I argue.

I'm not really the one to discuss this, because I've hardly produced any films that can be enjoyed by people outside the WoW community. Way back at number 7 I mentioned how I tend to take Blizzard's lore as inspiration, keeping my films unique to the Warcraft universe. But using the game solely as a medium for telling a more universal tale (or more "generic" if you want to be a little cynical) will naturally lead to not only a larger audience, but a more reliable one. If you have a truly accessible film, you won't need to worry whether its target audience is in a state of between-expansion lethargy.

With many <slashdance> films, I try to straddle the line between WoW-centric fan film and common culture. I use game-specific elements to get at more universal themes. It's no wonder that these types of stories tend to be the most popular.

Sedrin on October 19, 2010 8:14 AM
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