2 Days Until Blizzcon


Alternate identities are funny. In the machinima community, I'm known as Sedrin, which feels completely natural (i.e. when an Infest hits at the same time as a Necrotic Plague and someone wasn't moving fast enough to the adds, which makes the rest of the raid tick for massive damage, whose name do you think gets crowed over Vent?). And yet, removing myself even the least bit from that context, "Sedrin" feels like another person. It's as if all this machinima was really made by a night elf priest, levitating around a sound stage with a pretentious director's chair.

But we all know that isn't true. He keeps vigil upon the landscape of his revelation, in Nagrand:

"spiritward" thumbnail "Spiritward"
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The daunting task of driving all the way from the Bay Area to Anaheim and back is slowly enlarging in my brain, and soon I will be altogether preoccupied with the procedural details. Good thing we're coming toward the end of our list.

#2: New assets

I originally thought of this as several items on the list, but when you take a step back you come to a fairly obvious realization: there is a ton of new stuff to play with in the expansion. And all this new content adds to the variety and thence to the possibilities a potential WoW machinima production may enjoy.

New models. The two new controllable character races--goblin and worgen--are obvious choices to mention, but be warned. After Burning Crusade, the community suffered through what I might only describe as "belf burnout." We're going to be seeing these new models everywhere in the game. I hope their use will be tasteful, not overdone.

For the model-viewers among us, there are also lots of new NPC and item models to play with. The recent builds of WMV have been a little glitchy with the recent patch, so join me in praying that that'll be ironed out.

New zones. Deepholm looks really, really pretty. You might have to write an exotic script to get you there, but even then, we haven't seen this variety of new scenery since Outland. An entire underwater continent? Twilight Highlands? Access to a fully fleshed-out Hyjal? There's plenty of new space for a location scout to explore.

New spells and effects. Some of the new talents are already in the game, but each class is getting three more core spells in the levels to come. The shaman's Healing Rain, the rogue's Smoke Bomb, the druid's ... uh ... Mushroom of Death? All new effects I can easily see coming to creative usage in a film.

Join me tomorrow for the conclusion of our 10 ten list, and beyond for continuing coverage of Blizzcon 2010!

Sedrin on October 20, 2010 7:13 AM
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