World Premiere of "Yesterday's News"


I tweeted the winners of Blizzard's recent "Rise to Power" contest about a week ago. Congratulations again, guys! I was sincerely enthused to see new names receive recognition from Blizzard and the machinima community.

Now, I'm proud to finally announce the release of the <slashdance> entry.

Watch Yesterday's News on YouTube.

Maybe I didn't win because I didn't read the instructions carefully enough. I guess the assignment was to make a move about a rise to power. This one's more of a quirky rise to ... um. Enlightenment? Tranquility? ... early retirement?

Sedrin on March 22, 2010 10:35 PM
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Whowho says
Mar 23, 10 15:55

Sedrin, I hold you in the highest of regards; Redshift was what brought me to the Machinima community and made me so enthusiastic about the art form, but really, honestly, this has managed to surpass all expectations! I'm stunned.

And stunned you didn't win! You deserve some sort of prize! I don't have much to give, but when I find the time I'm coming out of blogging retirement to give this film a well deserved review.

Preliatus says
Mar 29, 10 2:52

Sedrin, I am too suprised you did not win. This was better than Welcome to Deadmines, and the others. Though Oblith's Baby B was a cute machinima which seemed to be like the Xbox 360 arcade game called The Maw.

I loved the calming, meaningful piano track. As well as the realisation of how lonely the meeting stones these days are (Save for the ones at the raids.). The machinima couldn't of ended better, showing a use for old, and unneeded things can still make the lonely NPCs happy that people are using their services.

Since I am typing this whilist extremely tired and suffering from writers block I set off to my cold bed and enjoy the pit-pattering of the rain outside.

George U says
May 21, 10 15:29

Sedrin, you should have won this honor. Well, hopefully next time. Thanks for this update.