Since Sedrin refuses to post without thinking beforehand, I must do it for him.

OMGOMGOMG Warrior's Dream placed OMGOMGOMG we got to watch it on the big screen OMGOMGOMG

... okay, I'm done. >_>

(and now you know why I shouldn't be permitted to post. ever.)

Kirlune on August 22, 2009 10:23 AM
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Sedrin says
Aug 23, 09 12:06

What. I liked it! ...

X-Cross says
Aug 23, 09 17:23

It was my favorite of all the submissions. You're so freaking good when it comes to use mainly ingame footage. Well, I watched the live stream so it was very bad quality. D: I wanna see it again.. You should upload it *nod*. Congrats BTW ^^

replied to X-Cross
Aug 23, 09 18:17

Daww, thanks man. And congratulations to you and your crew! Well-deserved. You haven't accosted me on Skype in a while, so we'll have to trade war stories about this last contest. ;D

replied to X-Cross
Aug 24, 09 6:53

@ Sedrin: Thanks man! :). But you haven't been online in a while. So that's why I went here >:D *evil laughter*. I think it's just a bit weird that I won. I mean, recently I found alot of other great machinimas that didn't even place. I must say yours and Murloc Suhish were the best ones in my opinion and I think one of the reasons I won was becaus Blizz loves the DLC comics. Anyway, I won and i'm a happy man xD.

Preliatus says
Aug 23, 09 18:32

You should upload it so the people who were watching streams of streams of Blizzcon can see it..