Joust Venture, BlizzCon and Redshift, oh my!


Major BlizzCon movie contest coming up, so naturally, what was my instinct? Work on something else! (Again!)

This was for the August contest over at Joust Venture (or here on YouTube, with annotations, though I haven't added anything interesting just yet). Yes, when I realized the contest was open to any game ever I had the epiphany: marry my old flame with a new hobby and bam! 8-bit machinima goodness!

In the meantime, work on Redshift 2 progresses nice and steadily. The final comps for each scene are about halfway done (meaning the video track is almost completely finished! whew!). After that, it'll be time for all sorts of fun audio work. Plenty of time until the 25th due date, mright? Of course I'll have to post some sneak peeks of some sort here before then. Also, keep in mind that the version of Redshift 2 being submitted for BlizzCon is a slightly shorter, less nuanced version than that which I plan to complete later.

Sedrin on October 5, 2008 7:56 PM
filed under: joust venture, redshift: pursuit