Redshift: Pursuit released!


Finally, the wait is over! I've finished up adding the extra footage and final touches on our BlizzCon entry, and it has been released for public consumption.

Watch Redshift: Pursuit on Vimeo.

It's available in full-resolution HD 720 on Vimeo, so I highly recommend watching it there. If you prefer faster, lower-quality streams, I will be updating alternative locations on our own Redshift: Pursuit page. And today, has us in the spotlight! The feedback has been pretty positive so far; I especially appreciated hearing comments acknowledging the preponderance of in-game footage I used. Yep, our puppeteers are the hardest of core.

Now comes the daunting prospect of continuing the series. Time to rally my crew, and keep an eye out for any other motivated individuals who might have the time and talent to help us on. If that's you, don't hesitate to drop me a note (comment here or contact me directly).

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Post-Blizzcon 2008


A little disappointed returning from Blizzcon. Machinima was officially on the docket for all of about five minutes, which was during the contest segment (of course), to announce winners. Here are the results:

In Action/Adventure:

In Comedy:

In Drama/Romance:

My crew was a little bitter about Blizzard's categorization of all the nominees, which pitted Jun's (always) amazing work against our own, but I'm perfectly happy with the three winners. They definitely deserved it for what was clearly some very hard work. I only wish Blizz gave 'em a little more than five minutes and a statue (not that trophies aren't awesome).

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To Anaheim!


It's nearly 3 in the morning, and I've only managed to snag an hour of sleep before we're out the door to the airport. I think I underestimated just how much I've been anticipating this trip! My stomach's been doing flip-flops, much to my chagrin ... and now I have hiccups. Hopefully all that goes away before the flight. Or at least before the con. Or at least before anyone comes up to talk to me.

And I'm very much looking forward to seeing some fellow machinimators there! Jun Falkenstein, Oxhorn, Drewbie, Ian Beckman, Myndflame ... we'll all be wandering around aimlessly wondering where the machinima booth went. It'll be a blast. Probably won't see any further updates until the 12th, since I won't have Internet access there.

Meanwhile, wish our latest movie the best of luck in the contest! If you haven't noticed, we've produced a rather nifty trailer for it.

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Joust Venture, BlizzCon and Redshift, oh my!


Major BlizzCon movie contest coming up, so naturally, what was my instinct? Work on something else! (Again!)

This was for the August contest over at Joust Venture (or here on YouTube, with annotations, though I haven't added anything interesting just yet). Yes, when I realized the contest was open to any game ever I had the epiphany: marry my old flame with a new hobby and bam! 8-bit machinima goodness!

In the meantime, work on Redshift 2 progresses nice and steadily. The final comps for each scene are about halfway done (meaning the video track is almost completely finished! whew!). After that, it'll be time for all sorts of fun audio work. Plenty of time until the 25th due date, mright? Of course I'll have to post some sneak peeks of some sort here before then. Also, keep in mind that the version of Redshift 2 being submitted for BlizzCon is a slightly shorter, less nuanced version than that which I plan to complete later.

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