"Frame of Mind" annotated


I saw the new annotation feature on YouTube and simply couldn't resist. I've updated our music video "Frame of Mind" with a good speckling of production trivia and inane comments. And who wouldn't want to read those!

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WotLK beta preview ... kind of.


One of the biggest obstacles in keeping my projects on schedule is resisting the temptation to play more Lich King beta than necessary. I did, however, stumble upon a really neat way to preview the new environments for people who didn't get into the beta ... through Photosynth. I took over 400 screenshots of Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight...

Check out the results!

Photosynth is free, but requires a quick install to be able to view the 3D synths. PC only, but they're promising a Mac version soon.

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The new Filmcraft.org!


All the other machinimators have been kicked out! Bow to your new overlords!

... well, not really. We've archived the site's old content, but from now on Filmcraft.org is exclusively the official home for the <slashdance> machinima team. The old site wasn't getting any use whatsoever, and there are many other machinima communities we can recommend to new and veteran machinimators alike. In the meantime, expect some exciting new announcements to surface soon right here; there are a number of projects <slashdance> has in the pipes.

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